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Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples First and second volumes, read is very short order! That makes it difficult to say anything new.

Except that, to this motley crew of Romeo and Juliet-like parents, both soldiers from differing sides in an intergalactic war, their baby, and ghost babysitter, we add the grandparents! And this was actually a brilliant move. Grandpa is reasonably quick to accept his son's marriage and his baby granddaughter, Grandma, not so much.

The origins and perpetuation of hate are touched upon, as we are shown some of how the main male character was taught about the war and how to despise the other side. Comparing atrocities, in all its absurdities, yet the hurts it rests upon, is also in here.

And I really loved the Grandfather. Right off the bat, he was an appealing and interesting character, and I loved the way the baby looked in the little sleeper he made for her.

Lying Cat is still around, and his master, and to that crew is added the main male character's ex, who is definitely not there out of disinterested motives, and a little slave girl that the bounty hunter is bent on rescuing from a horrible life.

I think this volume upped the ante even more, and I'm very much enjoying seeing where this will go.