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The Bloom County Library, Vol. 4: 1986-1987 - Berkeley Breathed This is the fourth of this complete library I've reviewed, and I don't think I really have anything new to say. I love Bloom County, the characters, the references to politics and pop culture I just barely get (but get enough to understand.) I love the way Breathed messes with cartooning conventions. But it is mostly the characters.

This particular volume covers the time that Bill is traded to the Russians, comes back, becomes a heavy metal star, then a super-wealthy leftist pop star, then a televangelist. (That's a lot of changes over two years!) And where Opus meets Lola Granola and their romance ensues. Complete with the dissection of relationship pitfalls.

There's nothing I can really add that I haven't already said. These are lovely. You should read them.