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Atomic Robo and Other Strangeness - Brian Clevinger Last time I reviewed an Atomic Robo graphic novel, I said that it was only four stars because there was no Dr. Dinosaur. This one has not one, but two Dr. Dinosaur stories! One of them is about his first meeting with Atomic Robo! It made me laugh my ass off!

I love Dr. Dinosaur. Apparently all his technology is powered by crystals ("SO MANY CRYSTALS.") Except that Atomic Robo can see the plug in the wallsocket.

So yes, in this graphic novel, Atomic Robo interviews a new Action Scientist, goes to Japan and helps fight a huge beast menacing Tokyo (of course), relates his first encounter with Dr. Dinosaur, (Eeee!) and has to contend with Undead Edison.

Still fun, still awesome, now with more Dr. Dinosaur!

(Also, given that I haven't finished a book yet this year, mostly because two of the four I'm reading right now are Infinite Jest and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, it was nice to have something light and thoroughly enjoyable to read.)