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I'm a grad student, an avid reader, a huge nerd, fervent roleplayer, wife, cat lover, tea snob, and obsessive keeper of lists.
Penny Arcade, Vol. 8: Magical Kids in Danger - Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik I'm not always sure why I read Penny Arcade. I'm certainly not the target audience, as I rarely if ever play video games (and when I do, I tend to continue to fixate on the same ones for years and years. There's this Playstation (that's Playstation 1) Civilization II, you see. It's still virtually the only game I play. What is perfect about it is that once you get into the game, there is sometimes up to a minute or so between turns. Which is the perfect amount of time to read a page or two of a book I'm reading for research, particularly if it's becoming a slog. I realize that this may not make any sense to anyone but me, but I have been playing this game on a relatively easy setting for over 10 years. You have no idea how many boring books it's helped me slog through.)

So yeah, not exactly up on the video games. I have some peripheral awareness through my husband and friends.

And yet, I still read and enjoy Penny Arcade. I know enough to get the basics of the jokes, if not the specifics. And the sense of humour tickles my funny bone. So I keep reading them. Including this, the collection of all the webcomics published in 2007.

I had fewer laugh-out-loud moments in this volume, but still plenty of chuckles.

Anyway, people probably already know whether or not they like Penny Arcade. It's practically an institution. This is a collection of them. They're pretty damn funny, but definitely aimed at a specific audience. Which I am not really a part of, but still manage to hang on by my teeth.

(But the one comic about a game I have played, Puzzle Quest, made me laugh very hard.)