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A Sentimental Journey (Penguin Classics) - Laurence Sterne Writing a review in the evening feels weird. I'm so used to getting up, having breakfast, sitting down in front of the computer, and, if I've finished a book the day before, just letting whatever's on my mind about said book spill onto the page. But this week, I'm having to leave the house an hour early, so welcome to a special evening edition of Megan's Reviews.

The Sentimental Journey was slight, enjoyable, and baffling. I take it from the footnotes that many of the chapters are in-jokes, direct rebuttals or satires of other travel narratives from the 18th century. However, I've never read any other travel narratives of the 18th century, so those references fly over my head with startling regularity.

Perhaps, sometimes down the line, when I have read Tristram Shandy and others, I'll come back to this book, and see if I get more out of it.

But without that context, all I can say is that this was easy to read, mildly entertaining, but incredibly slight. An Englishman expounds on the proper way to travel, meets people, sleeps with some women, and almost gets thrown in the Bastille. It is not plot heavy. Or character heavy.

If you know more than me about the time period and this genre, I would probably recommend it. If, like me, this is entirely new, I can't really say you should try it.