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She's Come Undone - Wally Lamb This is another book where I'm kind of at a loss as to what, exactly, I think of it. I didn't hate it. I certainly didn't love it. I never rushed to get back to it, but it wasn't a chore to read.

Which brings me to: meh.

It's okay.

The story of Dolores has a lot of fat shaming, which drives me crazy. She collects a chosen family around her at the end, of people who take care of each other, and I enjoyed that very much. She's often self-centered and the rest of the world seems not to exist around the main character, which makes her irritating as hell.

Yeah. I didn't hate it. But it's somewhere on the continuum that's very near the tipping point into that territory. But not quite. I wouldn't recommend it to my friends, but neither would I knock it out of someone's hand with a "what the hell are you thinking?"

Damning with faint praise? That seems about right.