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Uglies - Scott Westerfeld I seem to be reading a fair amount of YA dystopiana this year. Is there a recent increase in this subgenre?

Which means, in a year after I read The Hunger Games, any other one was likely to suffer. And indeed this one does.

This is a dystopia where everyone is an ugly until they turn 16, when they are given surgery to make them into pretties, and dive into a glittering world of parties and drinking. Tally Youngblood has the surgery withheld, to pressure her to go after a friend who fled to a settlement where no one is pretty. Once there, she's supposed to let the city know, but once there, she meets a boy (of course) and finds out that the surgery entails more than anyone is let know.

The book is fine, but not exciting, and without the depth of other dystopias I've read. I'll probably bother to read the second book in the series, but I'm in no great hurry.

But it does make me appreciate The Hunger Games even more.