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Four to Score - Janet Evanovich The second book I've read in this series, and I'm pretty sure this review will sound surprisingly similar to the first. It was fun, it was a light, it was fast. I enjoyed reading it. It was also insubstantial and fluffy.

Of the two mysteries, one I had figured out within seconds, but the other took me more by surprise.

In this one, Stephanie Plum is put on what should be an easy bounty hunting - tracking down a woman for missing her court date for stealing her ex-boyfriend's car. But the woman's gone missing, her best friend is missing a finger, her mother's been scalped - and the ex-boyfriend keeps hitting on Stephanie. And then the firebombings of Stephanie's life start.

The supporting cast is entertaining, and the book never takes itself particularly seriously. For me, sandwiched in between Jane Austen and Haruki Murakami, this was a nice light break before I got back to meatier tomes.