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Howards End - E.M. Forster I had an eerie feeling that I'd read this book before. Maybe not this book exactly, but similar situations? Close but not exact? It wasn't the turns of phrase, which are often what will tip me off if I've read a book a long time ago and forgotten it. But there was a sense of deja vu running through my entire reading experience.

That aside, I enjoyed the book quite a lot. The meditations on intention, family, business, masculinity, double standards and love were all very interesting.

The three Schlegel siblings, alone since the death of their father, make their way in London, participating in fashionable causes of the day, and brushing up repeatedly against the rich but gauche and greedy Wilcox family, and poor but worthy Leonard Bangs. All their lives end up intertwined in ways quite unexpected, leading to a confrontation at Howards End that will resolve things for all of them.

The evocation of Britain in the pre-WWI era is layered and intriguing. I recommend this one for those who are interested in the era. (But my husband suspects he would hate it, having hated the movie. Which I've never seen.)