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I'm a grad student, an avid reader, a huge nerd, fervent roleplayer, wife, cat lover, tea snob, and obsessive keeper of lists.
Slightly Shady - Amanda Quick I read romances when they come up on one of my many lists, but it will never be my preferred genre. Slightly Shady was a fast read, light, fluffy, and vaguely irritating to anyone who knows anything about history. Again, one that won't stick with me.

Lavinia has set herself up as a female detective, while simultaneously trying to get her niece married off to someone highranking. And ends up teaming up with a man she loathes (I'm guess you can guess where this is going!) on a particular case.

Will they end up together? I'm sure I don't know!

Wait. There's no suspense in this.

I didn't hate it enough to say I'll never read any more Amanda Quick (or Jayne Ann Krentz - apparently the same person) but it would only take one more of this caliber to put her on my "don't bother" list. Don't worry, though, Amanda Quick. I actually stopped reading one of Johanna Lindsey's books after the first 10 pages, and promptly put her on my mental "NEVER AGAIN!" list. She was having trouble with sentences.