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Eragon - Christopher Paolini Another book that I enjoyed reading, but won't stick with me. But Eragon is a perfectly serviceable young adult fantasy novel, written by a teenager, which moved along nicely.

My husband was saying that he'd heard it was very derivative, which I disagree with. Yes, there are lots of standard fantasy tropes, but it doesn't feel like he's just smashing them all together and seeing what comes out. Yes, the story is the classic fantasy "young man in small rural area discovers he really *is* special, and goes off to find his destiny" - but if you disallowed that, you'd be disallowing a lot of fantasy.

But I liked the way he melded elements, and the story seemed to hang together fairly well, and all in all, I enjoyed it. It's not a book that I'll feel that I absolutely need to pass down to my hypothetical future children, but it was a quick and fun read.