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The Almost Moon: A Novel - Alice Sebold I wasn't a huge fan of The Lovely Bones - serial killers are really not my thing. I like sleeping too much. So I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to give Alice Sebold another chance, but I didn't hate The Lovely Bones, and it seemed unfair to presume the subject matter of one book reflected all of an author's works.

So I read The Almost Moon. And I like it better than The Lovely Bones, but I'm still not enthralled with her writing. It's a difficult topic, and the characters were interesting, but I think that for me, there was still too much unsaid. I do believe in showing, not telling, and I'm glad she wasn't heavy-handed (because I can fully see how that would have led to a terrible book), but I needed a bit more. The internal life of the main character (not her history) was still opaque to me, and so I found myself struggling somewhat with understanding her actions.

Maybe it's opaque to the character too. Maybe that's the point. But this book still fell a bit short for me.

But it didn't keep me up at night.