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Life - Keith Richards Well, Keith Richards did a lot of drugs.

I told my husband this, and he looked at me, and deadpan, said "No shit!"

So, yeah. And he made a lot of music, often while on drugs, and lived "the rockstar lifestyle" and was often busted and occasionally in danger of going to jail.

But mostly, he made music. And did drugs. And Life is an entertaining look back at his life, and it was certainly never boring. I knew much less about the Rolling Stones than I do about the Beatles, so it was interesting to hear about the other major group of the British Invasion.

While I was reading Life, several people asked me if it was muckraking, and I don't think it is. Gossipy, sure, and there are definitely people Keith Richards isn't too fond of *cough*MickJagger*cough* but the book as a whole didn't feel meanspirited.

Rambling, and with an obvious passion for making music, and yes, drugs.

I mean, it's Keith Richards. If you don't know that going in, this book probably isn't for you anyway.