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Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction - Sue Townsend I enjoyed Weapons of Mass Destruction more than the next volume, The Prostrate Years. It featured Adrian at his obtuse best, from writing to Tony Blair for proof of WMDs so he can get his holiday deposit back from his travel agent, to buying and completely outfitting a new condo with a succession of store credit cards, to falling haplessly into a romance with no idea how to extricate himself, this is the Adrian Mole I've always enjoyed reading.

It may come from a smug sense of superiority that I'm a little uncomfortable with, but these books have always been about how hilarious it is every time he completely misses the point. (The next book, as I already wrote in a review, has him much more put-upon and a victim - and most of all, it's just not as funny.)

Credit woes, fear about the state of the world, wondering if your girlfriend's family is completely mad - Weapons of Mass Destruction hits it out of the park. Again. If there is to be another volume, I hope it gets back to this level of insanity.