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Body Is Water: A Novel

The Body Is Water - Julie Schumacher I didn't like this book at all. When one of the first things you notice is that the author uses too many semi-colons, you know you're in for a rough ride.

But it wasn't the grammar. It was the thoroughly unlikeable main character who doesn't seem to have changed at all throughout the book. She's selfish, she thinks everyone is out to get her or dislikes her, with no particular evidence, she judges her sister and father on their behaviour but doesn't want to be judged on her own, refuses to do anything, think anything through, is angry when other people do anything - and yet, through the book, the author wants you to sympathize with her!

Seriously. This isn't a book that's a comment on selfishness. The author really wants you to care about this character, but I found her loathsome. Everyone in the book spends most of their time taking care of her, and all they get is judgment back.

Ugh. No more for me, thank you.