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Cry, the Beloved Country - Alan Paton Beautifully written, difficult in content, rich in character and long streams of narration. Cry, The Beloved Country tackles many issues in South Africa head on (or at least it seems so to me, but I have a regrettable lack of knowledge of South African history.) Or should I say Africa? In the book, one character asks another why he does not say South Africa instead of Africa, and he says, not that he won't, but that he can't.

Splits between races, between generations, between political rivals, between rural and urban, between men and women, between Christianity and secularism, between brothers, between rich and poor, between workers and employers, and most of all, between land and its inhabitants populate this book with a wealth of descriptive force. And then there are the characters, the few and hopeful, who try bridge those gaps. Definitely worth a read, definitely not a light read.