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Up The Sandbox

Up The Sandbox - Anne Roiphe In another one of those lovely synchronicities, I started this book the morning after my husband and I had watched The Weather Underground documentary - and then the first "Out of Week" fantasy the narrator indulges in has her in a fairly similar group.

The book shifts between the "In the Weeks" - the ordinary doings of an intelligent woman with two children, a loving husband, but little support, and bored out of her mind in New York in the 1970s. The "Out of the Weeks," each of which describe a different fantasy of what she's doing instead - always still married, with children, but with the freedom to take on huge adventures and challenges.

The juxtaposition underscores how little goes on during her actual life, and the book ends on a decidedly melancholy note, as her two kinds of week seem to collide, but in the sense that even her dreams are constricting.

Unsettling and entertaining.